Catherine Hobson, MA, LMHC

Make the first step towards a better you.

I am a licensed mental health therapist with a Masters from Seattle University’s Masters of Art in Psychology, a philosophy based psychology. I have ten years of experience working as a Psychotherapist in the Seattle area.


Growing up in a large family in New Jersey, I learned how to interact with a variety of personalities, temperaments and perspectives. Many of my strengths and deficits were rooted in my interactions with my parents, seven sisters and three brothers.

In my college years I studied our society’s political and economic underpinnings and the correlated global realities; after graduating I embarked on a career in social service that began with teens experiencing homelessness, in Portland, Maine, and continued when I traveled across country and resettled in Seattle where i worked with refugee families and adults experiencing homelessness. My interactions with people suffering from chronic mental illness sparked a curiosity in mental health.

After overextending myself in my work, I developed an acute condition, was unable to walk and became dependent on others for day to day support; this resulted in a depression. I returned to school to study Existential Phenomenological psychology and emerged with a keen interest in developing skills to support others in their journey of self discovery. Since graduating I have continued to find inspiration in both my clients’ resilience and in practitioners’ discoveries in the field of neuroscience, trauma informed care, and somatic work.


After I graduated, I have worked in a shelter with families in-transition, on inpatient psychiatric units, in community clinics and public and private agencies, as well as in private practice.

Additionally, my own growth continued to evolve through my experience in co-counseling, studies of Compassionate Communication (Nonviolent Communication), parenting, and a meditation practice of over two decades.


Carl Jung said “Nobody, as long as he moves about among the chaotic currents of life, is without trouble.”

We have all learned who we are through/in relationship with others, compromising by varying degrees, and at times letting go of what we value, our inner knowing or ‘gut sense’ of things, to make it through. Over time, we lose touch with this, life and our day to day choices become ungrounded, we berate ourselves and others and we begin to lose a sense of ourselves*.

Healing, likewise, must happen in relationship; together my clients and I look at what is getting in the way of healing. Tracing back, we understand the context in which the obstruction arose, until we can begin to recognize that its development ensured survival. Oftentimes, that which obstructs is rooted in traumatic or highly disturbing experiences and we address this respectfully, always with you, the client, in the driver’s seat.
We cannot change anything until we accept it. Condemnation does not liberate, it oppresses. – Carl Jung

My work includes the following:

  • Psycho-education grounded in neuroscience
  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy [CBT] to trace/address patterns of thought and belief that are complicit in eroding our sense of self
  • Dialectical Behavioral Therapy [DBT] skills such as Mindfulness, and breathing/self awareness exercises
  • Gendlin’s Focusing to increase your “sense” of things
  • EMDR, or Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing to reduce anxiety and approach the disturbing memories/events