Molly McDonnell, ARNP, PMHNP-BC

Make the first step towards a better you.

My Approach

I prefer to use a “Humanistic,” approach when working with clients. This is an approach that focuses on helping individuals realize their own capabilities and empowers them to be a driving force in their treatment. It is an approach that encourages positive self exploration and confidence building. I am a firm advocate for the harm reduction model, client-centered care, and take a very conservative approach when utilizing psychiatric medications, believing that it is only complementary to holistic care. I believe that medications are a useful tool, but should be implemented safely and only when the potential benefit outweighs the potential harm.

My role within the therapeutic relationship is to act as a guide and an educator to allow the client to make informed decisions about their health, mind, and body. I am interested in acting as a guide for clients who are wanting to explore their own journey to “wellness,” and understand that healing is not just a reduction of symptoms, but also that it is improving quality of life and that it is, for the client, a sense of excitement about one’s future. I have a particular interest in working with those who have experienced trauma but am also interested in a wide spectrum of mental health disorders, including altered mental states.

My Background

As a Board Certified – Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner (PMHNP-BC), I perform psychiatric evaluations, manage, initiate and prescribe psychiatric medications, and implement a therapeutic dialogue based on my assessments tailored to your individual needs. I received my Masters of Science in Nursing from Seattle University in 2015 and prior to this, I received a Bachelor of Science in Psychology with a Minor in Biology from Seattle University. Seattle University has provided me two exceptional educational experiences and fostered vast understanding of diverse, under-served populations. I also bring an abundance of clinical experience in co-occurring substance use and mental health, community mental health, and adult populations with an interest in also serving younger populations. I also have ongoing experience in leadership as a supervisor, implementing changes within systems, and working with integrated teams.