Janene Dunston, MSW, LICSW

Make the first step towards a better you.


I am a licensed Independent clinical social worker with a undergraduate degree from SAU a small university near Chattanooga TN. I got master degree from Walla Walla University in Eastern WA. I have practiced in social work and therapy in different capacities since 1991 and have been licensed as an independent therapist in TN since 2008 and in WA since 2017. My experience has been first with children and families doing therapy, school based group skills, parenting classes, then I worked in array of medical settings with Cancer patients, Kidney dialysis and terminally ill patients in Hospice Care. I also taught social work classes at a University for 3 years before going back into practice as that is where my heart lies. I started a private therapy practice in Chattanooga TN in 2014 working with adults and couples with a variety of issues but chose to move closer to my adult children who were living in the PNW and California. My goal was always to get back to therapy in WA because there is nothing that gives me more joy then to see someone invest in the process and heal from the past, grow in new ways, find their voice and true potential.

My Approach to Therapy

I try to always match my modality for therapy to each individual unique person and their needs. The initial visit focuses on finding out what you are most concerned about, what’s not working, and what you would like things to look like. Throughout the therapy process I will be checking in with you to see if we are still focusing on your goals and working toward them as this is what drives our sessions.

I used an eclectic approach to therapy with many client issues working from a combination of different therapy modalities such as, but not limited to (cognitive behavioral, solution focused, strengths perspective, and mindfulness work) and work from a purest approach when working with other issues such as trauma work in which I work mostly from Rapid Resolution Trauma therapy training. It is a therapy modality that can often work faster than traditional trauma therapy and is less traumatizing to the individual in session. This type of therapy has also worked well with anxiety issues, PTSD and addiction. I also have some specialized training in sex therapy and most of my work has been with individuals who have sexual pain disorders and their partners, couples dealing with desire issues and just general intimacy issues. Some more limited work with erectile dysfunction and pornography addiction.

Areas of focus, ages 18 and up

  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Grief and Loss
  • Infertility issues /how it affects individuals and couples sexual pain disorders, sexual desire and intimacy issues trauma
  • Divorce recovery
  • Couples counseling
  • Life changes and adjustment issues

I am very excited to be begin this journey with you and support and guide you in this therapeutic process. Your desire and investment in the process is the key to growth and change.